Will if "hole hole shoe " price certain uneveness be cancerogenic?

The hole hole shoe cools the summer day breathing freely , arriving at every time , can see many residents of a city stroll around the street being having the hole hole shoe on. Will not have had on again as if the portable hole hole nice and cool shoe is unable after now ,the result that the broadcasting station announces because Germany is certain shows, various different price has discovered large amount of many ring aromatic hydrocarbons and heavy metal such as chromium , cadmium , lead having a carcinogenesis in plastic "hole hole shoe ".
Hole hole shoe price difference is big 
Because of portable characteristic nice and cool,hole hole shoe marketplace is very big , important market , supermarket , petty commodities terminal market all stall having the shoe selling the hole hole. Not living with , same be hole hole shoe , price but a tremendous difference. Before my some famous city market , reporter see that, one pair of hole hole shoes price hole breaking seldom , by contrast, in supermarket marketing in more than 300 yuan, and have discount hole shoe price has let many off lightly all of a sudden right away. The supermarket sees a reporter in some , win in price petty gain although the new money hole hole shoe is not more,a pair of shoes price arrives at 40 yuan in 25 yuan between. But between arriving at 50 yuan in petty commodities terminal market , hole hole shoe price in 40 yuan. Xiao Zhou who graduates says junior middle school this year to the reporter , new money hole hole shoe price that her this summer buys is 80 yuan, although see the hole hole shoe that many 40 yuan controls afterwards , she finds that after comparison, one being allotted money one-tenths of goods , 40 basic hole holes shoes not having softness that she penetrates obviously being well. Mrs. Shen price having bought a pair of big brand hole holes shoe, after having discount in market last year also is in more than 200 yuan , that this year she has ordered a pair of the same brand hole hole shoe being known as quality products by mail , may think that in one try of having on on the net is fake .
"The hole shoe , her memory have bought a pair of hole" before resident of a city Mrs. Li here once with 19 basic price say , purchase a shoes what label do not have, and smell is very heavy , this is two whenever she moves closer the shoe, just can smell one strands of pungent flavour. "Have on a month flavour is still very dense , I also have had on no longer afterwards. 
"Hole hole " one race attitude divides into two
"The hole hole shoe is carcinogenic " after propagating on social contact medium information, "hole hole " the race once divergence appears on the view being aimed at this matter. Xiao Wu having bought three pair of hole hole shoes in one breath in petty commodities terminal market says: Is that the doctrine snowfield boot causes flat feet woollen cloth "prior to, not to have no problem also? I would think finclause the problem ought to no so grave. 
"Have on in neither nor, be eat , how to be going to be cancerogenic on the foot"? Xiao Yang directs on a reporter sighing in sorrow saying: "I want to persist in continue to have on originally , bear fruit during the period of asking for advice on hundred degree, everybody all speaks by smell and gets in touch with having carcinogenic possibility really, I still better believe the worst , and am pleasantly surprised , than am optimistic and learn the worst. 
Not good cancerogenic doctrine dermitis is true 
To possibly carcinogenic hole hole shoe rumour, the reporter has consulted about my directors of four city hospital dermatological departments Chu monthly UK , Director Chu expression, be cancerogenic or not esteeming nothing final conclusion, energy initiation dermitis is true but. Since entering summer, to four, the hospital moves towards the case having initiating dermitis because having the hole hole shoe on in the patient who sees a doctor. 
Director Chu said much tepid summer rain , the climate are comparatively humid , straighten irritability very easy to contact a shoe if not penetrating sock or stocking,the initiation contact dermatitis waits for a hypersensitivity disease. Not only appearing on the resident of a city who has the hole hole shoe on this condition, barefooted have on the sandal also has this possibility other. Penetrate a sandal therefore the resident of a city had better not to be more barefooted than , had better to penetrate light colour sock or stocking. May cook 35 minutes being trying holding a purslane , clean an affected part after airing a cold if having caught dermitis carelessly,the boric acid solution also available washes. But avoid not using an ointment by all means. Because this dermitis does what needed is a bar most, keep drying .

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